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10 Former Lakota School Board Members

Representing every decade since the 1980's

"As a non-partisan group of former School Board members, we are pleased to endorse the following candidates who can help bring stability to our Lakota Board of Education"

"Lakota needs strong and stable leaders NOW who can focus on the effective running of our schools."

Former Lakota Board of Education Members:

Bob Brossart, 1982-1989; Bill Boardman, 1984-1987;
Sandy Wheatley, 1994-2005; Jeff Jones, 1998-2005; Joan Powell, 1998-2013; Jeff Rubenstein, 2006-2009; Paul Lohr, 2008-2011; Ray Murray, 2010-2017; Ben Dibble, 2010-2017; Brad Lovell, 2018-2021

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Lakota Education Association

The Lakota Education Association is made up of approximately 1000 certified/licensed employees.  Certified staff in Lakota include all Teachers, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Speech Therapists, Psychologists, and Guidance Counselors.

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